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yive video review
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Yive Ranker
powerful SEO Backlink Builder

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What is YIVE?
YIVE is a video creator and marketing automation machine

Build Your Empire of Thousands of Niche Content Videos Quickly and Easily

Creates and Uploads Videos on Autopilot for you
Creates Videos 24/7/365 for you
Creates Videos from Your RSS Feeds for you
Creates Videos for Any Keyword for you
Creates Videos from Any URL for you
Creates Videos For Amazon Reviews for you
Creates Videos for Multiple Languages for you
Creates Videos from Your Own Scripts for you
Creates Unique Videos from one Script for you
Creates Unique Videos from one of your Own Videos

What Can You Do With YIVE 3.0?

Dominate Any Niche with Thousands of Videos
Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Campaigns
Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Products
Drive Traffic to Your Adsense Blogs
Drive Traffic to Websites You Flip
Drive Traffic to Websites You Rent
Drive Traffic for Pay Per Call Leads
Drive Traffic to Lead Generation Sites
Drive Traffic to Client Websites
Dominate in Many Languages
Generate YouTube Ad Revenue
Build Authority YouTube Channels
Build Your Email List
Resell Traffic to Clients
Sell Pre-Roll Ads to Clients
Build Video Backlinks en masse for website SEO
Build A Full-Time Income From Home

Automation – Works 24/7/365 on Autopilot
Complete a simple form, tell YIVE how many videos to make, and it will go to work….even while you sleep.
Create a campaign in less than 2 minutes that produces hundreds of videos
No video editing skills necessary. Automated Creation, Automated Upload, Automated Reporting
Run multiple campaigns at once, you are only limited by the number of channels you add.
Distribute videos from the same campaign across multiple YouTube Channels automatically.
Use the {keyword} tag to change keywords in a single campaign.
Use the {url} tag to change target URLs in a single campaign.
Use Spintax with scripts and video descriptions.
Automatically chooses the high-quality, fully-licensed assets to use in your videos.
Automatically uses your own assets for videos if you choose that option.
Automatically converts scripts to Text-To-Speech, if you select that option.
Automatically chooses and adds background music to any video, if you select that option.
Control the description field of every video YIVE makes, adding your links as directed.
Rank Multiple Videos within minutes

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Grab Yive Video & Bonuses here:

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There are two basic models of membership sites. After that you have several choices on how to deliver your content to your members, a little at a time, all at once, is it going to be a limited time membership or is it going to be ongoing? Are you giving them just info related to a specific area, or are you giving them a structured course? These considerations and more will go into how you want your membership site structured.

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Well, at this point, I should mention that I put together this list by studying a number of SEO Manager jobs advertised on various search engines – while this list should give you a good idea of what employers are looking for in general For the industry, we do not claim that this list is exhaustive and that other skills listed here are not important to have on your SEO CV. 1. Good working knowledge of the broader digital marketing mix: Social Media, PPC, Affiliates – They call it, having a good working knowledge of them…

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Landing pages, also known as “name squeeze pages” or “lead capture pages”, are the first step in you marketing ‘funnel’. Your landing page will consist of a good headline, a sub-headline, a number of hard hitting bullet points – and most important, the reason for the page – a form for collecting email addresses.

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I’ve often thought about and written about how great it would be if we could find just one platform that wasn’t complicated. And, wouldn’t it be nice if it was inexpensive so everyone could join but; somehow, still allow for people to earn big commissions. Well, there’s a relatively new business available called ‘FORTRESS’.

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