vivitar capture card review a complete steal for your money! Super Cheap Elgato Alternative | HD1080

vivitar capture card review a complete steal for your money! HD1080P but hi res 4K
my video was accidently processed as 72060p by accident but this device can go up to HD 1080p or higher this is a bang for your buck capture card this was at my Walmart shopping center and I had to grab it while it was in stock these things fly off the shelfs and for the price I see why not! for just $20 or more depending on by the time you see this video this is a complete steal for your money and the quality your getting out of this device highly recommend you pick up now before this is gone forever check the links below if this device is still around
Product details

The Vivitar Creator Series HDMI to USB Video Capture Card with Real-time HDMI Video and Audio Capture provides real-time HDMI video and audio capture for next-level live streaming, online class teaching, vlogging, and video conferencing. With our advanced transmission technology, this plug and play, low latency card can stream your Full HD 1080p video and audio directly to a laptop or desktop computer. The included USB-C adapter cable will let you stream from your smartphone or tablet. Compatible with DSLR cameras, video cameras, GoPro and other action cameras, video game consoles, and other devices with an HDMI output.
Vivitar Creator Series HDMI to USB Video Capture Card with Real-time HDMI Video and Audio Capture for Next-Level Live Streaming includes USB-C Adapter Cable

USB Plug and Play to easily connect your device
Low latency, Full HD 1080p
Compatible with GoPro and other action cameras, DSLR cameras, video cameras, video game consoles
Stream videos to laptop or desktop computers
USB-C adapter to stream from your smartphone or tablet
HDMI input resolution 3840×2160 @ 60Hz
USB capture output 1920×1080 @60Hz
grab it here while it lasts:

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