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What Is Vidnami and new updates?
If you’ve ever wanted to create a professional video in just a few minutes without having to use your own face or voice on camera? If so, you’re going to absolutely love Vidmani!

Vidnami is the new version of what used to be Content Samurai. As of 5/14/2020, it is now officially Vidnami. Basically, they rebranded under a new name.

Vidnami is the video marketers dream tool for creating high quality videos for promotions, leads, affiliate offers or for your clients.
It integrates with Storyblocks video and audio to give you instant access to hundreds of thousands of video and audio clips you can drop and drag into your project without using your face or voice on camera if you decide to use it for commercial use to sell services to clients as well.
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New Update!
You can now use a game-changing new feature into Vidnami which allows you to record directly from your WEBCAM, and create Presenter Style Videos in under 10 minutes!

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40% OFF Vidnami but only until midnight the 26th of February PST.
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Vidnami की समीक्षा करें और 40% की छूट जल्दी कर

Rishikim vidnami & 40% zbritje nxitoni veproni shpejt!

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